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Park Rules

July 06, 2013


To: Owners at Anastasia Island Resort, Inc. d/b/a Peppertree R.V. Resort

Please find enclosed our newly modified Rules and Regulations which supersede and cancel all previous Rules and Regulations.

These changes are in accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapter 719 and have been approved by the Board of Directors at a regular meeting held in the clubhouse on July 06, 2013.

These Rules and Regulations will become effective on August 06, 2013, thirty days after approval as prescribed by current By-Laws.


Larry Kety

President, Anastasia Island Resort, Inc.







            The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to promote the comfort, welfare, and safety of the owners, members, tenants and/or occupants of ANASTASIA ISLAND RESORT, INC., d/b/a PEPPERTREE R.V. RESORT (an R.V. Cooperative, hereafter called the “Park”), and to maintain and further constantly improve the desirable appearance and reputation of the Park and should be observed in the spirit of consideration for others.

            These rules have been established by the Board of Directors of ANASTASIA ISLAND RESORT, INC., or its delegate, (hereinafter called the “Management”), owner of the Park, on behalf of its members, and may be changed from time to time to achieve the purposes described herein. Except in the case of bona fide emergencies, notice of changes in these rules shall be given at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the implementation of the changes.

            THESE RULES SUPERSEDE AND CANCEL ALL PREVIOUS RULES AND REGULATIONS, and have been developed for the member’s, you and your neighbor’s pleasure, recreation, mutual convenience, security and protection. If the members of your Cooperative are to be successful in maintaining and improving the high standard and quality of living in your community, it is necessary that they have your support and cooperation. We ask that each neighbor act in a cordial, mature, responsible, and cooperative in a good faith manner with respect to these rules and regulations for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

            Cooperative Management and the members of the Cooperative have many duties and responsibilities including enforcement of the rules, when necessary. We request that only the flagrant, serious and/or repeated transgressions be reported to management. Very minor and/or infrequent infractions (which is most cases are the result of temporary thoughtlessness) and, specifically, individual personal conflicts between neighbors are not within the scope of management’s responsibility.

    1. Recreational Vehicles (R.V.) and R.V. Lots owned by members and used by Tenants under Lease shall be attractively maintained by such Tenant and/or Owner. Tenants and Owners are responsible for the R.V., landscaping, edging, and general care of the lawn, including fertilization and treatment for insect infestation. Mowing is provided by Management. Additional landscaping and shrubs may be planted on the site, keeping with the décor of the Park, and Owners are encouraged to do so. Any and all additions to an R.V., or R.V. Lot, are to be discussed with, and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee before any exterior construction may begin. The Owner shall not change the color of the recreational vehicle located on the R.V. Lot, or substantially alter its outward appearance without first having obtained the approval thereof by the Architectural Committee. All construction must be properly permitted and done by licensed, insured and bonded contractors.
      1. Storage Sheds will be permitted, subject to the following regulations: all sheds must be approved by the Board of Directors and the Architectural Committee prior to being placed on any Lot; all sheds shall not exceed eight (8) feet by ten (10) feet, and all sheds have a standard clearance of two (2) feet to any property line.

Unless removal is otherwise required by the Corporation in writing, all Owner improvements must substantially retain their value and function upon removal, and must ensure the R.V. Lot is substantially returned to its original condition.

  1. Should any dispute arise over the location of any boundary of a R.V. Lot, the Corporation shall determine such boundary by a majority vote of a quorum of its Directors, and the determination shall be final and binding upon the Owner(s) and Tenant(s).
  2. Open storage on patios or outside areas is prohibited, other than storage sheds, and all such types of barriers are prohibited other than any such perimeter fences erected by Management or with its advance written approval for the convenience, aesthetic appeal, and/or safety of the Residents.
  3. The airing or drying of clothes shall not be visible from outside the R.V. with the exception of swimwear and swim towels. Laundry facilities are available at the Park.
  4. Owners and Tenants must park their vehicles on their own driveway without interference with landscaping or neighbors lots. The Owner or Tenant is permitted to park only the number of vehicles which their driveway will accommodate, never to exceed 2 vehicles. The street right-of-way may not be used for parking. Vehicles are not to be parked on the roads, grassy areas or vacant unoccupied lots at any time. In the event there is not sufficient space, vehicles must then be parked in the front parking lot at the clubhouse. Major mechanical and/or maintenance repairs to automobiles, R.V.’s, trailers, or boats are not to be conducted on the Park Property. Motor vehicles, manufactured/mobile homes, recreational vehicles, or trailers of any type that, are inoperative or do not have current license tags shall not be parked or stored on the property and must be taken elsewhere for storage. All Guests are expected to park in the Clubhouse parking lot. All vehicles that enter the park and remain overnight must be registered with the Management office. Violators may be fined and/or towed at the Owner’s expense. Boats, Jet skis, watercraft, ATVs, recreational equipment or other like vehicles may not be placed on the R.V. Lot.
  5. No recreational equipment, Such as tents or pop-up trailers, shall be used for living or sleeping purposes on any lot already having a park model unit.
  6. Owners and Tenants are not to walk through or trespass on Lots aside from the Lot to which they own or rent.
  7. No dangerous materials such as highly flammable items, items legally defined as explosives, or any other items the storage of which is regulated by the local Fire Department may be stored in/on the common area, exclusive use common area, lanais, or in the dwelling units. This does not prohibit having an automobile with a gasoline engine on the property. Propane for gas grills will be permitted.
  8. All trash containers must be stored out of sight/hidden. Garbage is to be put in plastic bags, or cardboard boxes, and taken to the dumpster located at the front of the park.  Mattresses, furniture, and tree limbs will not be permitted in the dumpster. No flammable materials, such as paint or propane tanks, are to be disposed of into the dumpster. The burning of any materials, included but not limited to trash, leaves, and other debris, is prohibited on the property of the Park. Management reserves the right to address and implement recycling regulations if it is determined to be for the overall benefit of the community. Management must be notified of any and all large items, i.e. couch, chair, table, etc., that are placed alongside the dumpster. No paper towels, sanitary napkins, diapers, cooking grease, rubber materials, cloth materials or plastic materials are to be put in toilets or sinks. Any clogs or damages to the lift station resulting from such disposal will be the sole responsibility of the noncompliant Owner or Resident.
  9. Sprinklers are permitted on Lots. Sprinklers and/or hoses may not be left running unattended. Please report any and all water leaks promptly to Management.
  10. Be advised, the pool has NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY at any time.  Use of the pool is at your own risk.  Owners, Residents, and Guests are urged to act with caution and responsibility when using the pool. Pool hours are from 8:00 a.m. to dusk, seven days a week.  The gate access code for the pool can be obtained by Owners and Residents in the Management Office. No food or beverages in pool or on pool wet deck. Shower before entering the pool. Do not swallow pool water. No smoking in pool or on pool deck. Running in the pool area and diving is strictly prohibited.  Do not bring glass containers or any alcohol in or around the pool. No stereos in pool area unless used with personal headphones. Infants and toddlers (wearing diapers) are not allowed in the pool and children 16 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.  Pets are not allowed in the pool or on pool deck area as required by Florida Statutes.  Please dispose of trash in appropriate containers and make sure that the pool area is left clean. Use of the pool is restricted to Park Owners, Residents, and Registered Guests only. Maximum capacity of the pool is 20 persons.
  11. “For Sale” signs or signs of similar import may not be displayed on or about the R.V., on the R. V. Lot or in the Park.
    1. Management must be notified of Resident’s intention to sell his or her R.V. (if said R.V. is to be sold on the premises) or R.V. Lot before contracting to sell same. Before consummating a purchase, the prospective purchaser of an R.V. or an R.V. Lot must be advised of the fact that the Park is a co-operative and to be provided by Management with disclosure documents as required by law.
    2. The availability of an R.V. Lot or R.V. for sale can be announced on one 3x5 inch index card placed on the Clubhouse bulletin board or, in an area other that located in the Property.
  12. Pets
    1. Dogs, cats, birds, and other non-dangerous small animals may be maintained as pets subject to the Board of Directors discretion to refuse or revoke permission to have a pet for repeated and/or flagrant violations of restrictions and controls on pets or for safety reasons and provided the pets are not allowed to become an unreasonable imposition on the rights of other residents. No dogs with pit bull heritage will be permitted.
    2. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up after their pets in ALL AREAS of the Park.
    3. Owners and Tenants are responsible for any and all damages or injury caused by their pets, their guests’ pets, or their temporary visitors’ pets, either to Park property, to the property of other Residents, or to any person. There is a limit of two (2) pets per R.V. Lot.
    4. Pets are not permitted in the common areas, including the recreation areas, the bathhouses, clubhouse, pool or the laundry areas. County animal control authorities will be notified of any instance of a loose animal in the Park.
    5. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times when outside the Owner or Resident’s R.V. Pets are not to be tied outside the R.V. Owners shall ensure that no pets are destroying any property in the Park area, which includes prohibitions on digging holes. No dog or other pet houses are permitted on any Lot, and all pets must sleep inside the R.V.
  13. Rent and/or Owner assessments are due the first day of each month and become delinquent on the tenth day. A late charge of the greater of six percent (6%) or Fifteen Dollars ($15) will be levied for amounts received after the tenth day of each month. All sums past due thirty (30) days shall bear interest at eighteen percent (18%), but not to exceed the maximum rate allowed by law. Management reserves the right to refuse tenancy or continued occupancy for any reasonable reason not prohibited by federal or state non-discrimination laws.
  14. An Owner may rent his R.V. or R.V. Lot. All prospective renters must receive a copy of the current Rules and Regulations and any disclosure requirements required by laws.
  15. For safety and security reasons, ALL Owners, Residents, Renters, and Guests MUST BE registered at the office while at the Park. Any child, defined as any individual under the age of sixteen (16), and any Guest, when using any of the recreational facilities, must be accompanied by an adult, defined as an individual that is at least eighteen (18) years of age. No bicycle riding after dark, unless the bicycle is equipped with proper lighting. Golf carts are allowed, provided that they are registered at the Park office, operated with a licensed person present, equipped with proper lighting, and properly insured.
  16. Illegal drugs or drug dealings are prohibited.
  17. Loud noises, the loud playing of any devise including: televisions, radios, stereos, or any other electronic devices, as well as any boisterous conduct or excessively loud activities, including hobbies and such, are prohibited. Be considerate of your neighbors. Quiet hours are TEN (10) P.M. to EIGHT (8) A.M.
  18. Smoking is not permitted in any common facility, such as the Clubhouse, Laundry, Pool area, Bathhouse, or Restrooms.
  19. No swimming or boating in the pond is allowed. The pond is a catch-and-release on all fish.
  20. The Park is a pleasure and recreational community. No business or commercial operations, of any kind, will be permitted within the Park.
    1. Recreation facilities are provided for the use of Owners, Tenants, and Guests of Owners/Tenants. All Guests must be accompanied by an Owner/Tenant. Equipment and facilities are to be used at the Owner’s, Tenant’s and Guest’s own risk. Rules regarding each facility, i.e., laundry, clubhouse, basketball, shuffleboard, pool, swing set, etc., may be posted in that area for the safety and convenience of all Owners, Tenants, and Guests. No bare feet, cleated shoes, or wet swimsuits, are allowed in the clubhouse. If it becomes necessary for the control of the use of the recreation and/or common facilities, identification tags may be required for all Owners, Tenants, and/or Guests using the recreational facilities.
    2. In the event that Community property is damaged or destroyed by Owner, Tenant, or Guest, that Owner shall be responsible for cost of labor and materials to repair/replace damaged items.
    3. Door-to-door solicitation is not permitted under any circumstances.
      1. For the pleasure, recreation, safety, and convenience of neighbors and guests, the speed limit within the community is ten (10) MPH.
      2. Owners and Tenants, and Guests must report emergencies including fire, theft, or vandalism directly to the responsible governmental parties concerned with controlling these types of activities and thereafter to Management; Management recommends that every Owner or Tenant has telephone numbers of your fire department, police, county animal control officer, and any crime watch commander readily available in case of an emergency.
      3. Where a complaint to Management relates to the personal conduct of another park occupant said complaint must be in writing and signed by the person lodging the complaint. Disputes between neighbors, including personal conflicts and domestic quarrels, are generally not within the purview of Management, and Management will not become involved unless such activities become a material interference or detrimental to the community at large.
      4. An emergency forwarding address and phone number should be left at the office for the benefit of all concerned.
        1. The Association reserves the right to pursue all remedies permitted under Chapter 719. Florida Statutes and Paragraph 28 of the Declaration against any Owner for disregard of Rules and Regulations, and further reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of any Tenant for disregard of Rules and Regulations.
        2. The Association reserves the right to pursue all remedies permitted under Chapter 719. Florida Statutes and Paragraph 28 of the Declaration against any Owner, or terminate the tenancy of any Tenant, upon conviction of said Resident for violation of a federal or state law or local ordinance, which violation may be deemed detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of other residents of the Park.
        3. The Association reserves the right to pursue all remedies permitted under Chapter 719. Florida Statutes and Paragraph 28 of the Declaration against any Owner, or terminate the tenancy of any Tenant, upon determining by the Association that the Resident misstated any information on any application or entry forms required by the Association prior to admittance as a Tenant of the Park or a Shareholder of the Corporation.

“Management”, as described herein, means:

  1. Any person or business entity engaged by Anastasia Island Resort, Inc.; any of the Board of Directors of the foregoing entities to the extent they have assumed, delegated and/or legally or contractually agreed or delegated responsibility to act as such.
  2. No act of Management shall be deemed complete until such time as the last responsible, appropriate and competent authority has finally acted.

The Prospectus and/or Lease to which these Rules and Regulations are an Exhibit may be amended as needed and/or due to changes in the law governing recreational vehicle parks or changes in rules promulgated by the Department of Business Regulation. These rules and regulations may also be amended as deemed necessary by Management and/or Landlord within no more than thirty (30) days’ written notice and in accordance with the applicable conditions in the Agreements signed by Occupants, Members, Owners or Tenants.



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